If you have followed our work for any length of time, you would know that we are both hopeless romantics.  There is a quote from The Notebook that says — “Summer romances…have one thing in common: They are shooting stars – a spectacular moment of light in the heavens, a fleeting glimpse of eternity.”  In the movie, they were referring to a romance that comes and goes quickly — but we certainly don’t see this summer romance going away any time soon.  Their love is one for the storybooks and we were thrilled to be able to document their emotions in places that were genuine to them.  Our favorite part of their shoot {as with every shoot} was when the sun started to set creating magic around Josh + Desiree.  We hope you enjoy seeing a glimpse into this season of their lives as much as we enjoyed capturing it!

The Proposal | Josh and I talked about getting engaged for several months prior to our engagement.  Anxiously awaiting the proposal, any time we went out of town or did something special I would think to myself “Maybe this is the day.”  When we bought our land back in December, we saved the very large “for sale” signs in anticipation of taking pictures with them one day when we were “dressed.”  As the months passed, we had taken several trips out to our land but never dressed up, always in gym clothes with no makeup.  Finally, in March, Josh suggested we go out to eat at Outback and then to the land to take pics with our signs.  Since we were going to be dressed to go out to eat, I agreed.  My parents bought the land next to us so they were going to meet us shortly after we got there.  My dad had to get finished up with his work first.  All while we were making these plan, I was of course thinking “maybe this is the day!”  When we pulled onto our land, Josh drove down the dirt road to the clearing.  I saw nothing to hint towards a proposal.  We parked, we walked to check out the hog feeders, and still no signs of a potential proposal.  At this point I was thinking to myself, “guess today is not the day, again!” lol.  We started to walk down one of the paths, then Josh turned off onto a small path he had cut to one of the large oak trees.  As we got to the tree, I could see the look in Josh’s face just as he got down on one knee.  I immediately felt nervous, excited, happy with butterflies in my stomach and an overwhelming amount of love all at once.  I had not even noticed that Josh had engraved “will you marry me” on the tree.  As Josh got on his knee, he looked over at the tree and just pointed.  It was an awkward, incredibly sweet, and amazing moment that I will never forget!


We started Josh + Desiree’s session out in the COUN-TREE. (Okay, really it was in the city limits of Reynolds — drag capital of middle Georgia.) Josh and his family have had land out there for years and wanted to go to a few spots that felt like home to them. Peaches, silos, pick-up trucks….and 3 “kids” to join them.

Lifestyle Southern Engagement SessionThese two were all smiles when Josh started telling us how he met and started pursuing Desiree. We asked him what he loved most about her and he said “everything. I liked her for 3 years before we ever went out!” Oh Josh, we love you even more now…

Lifestyle Southern Engagement SessionJosh and Desiree have the most patient chocolate labs.  Molly and Rebel waited in the back of Josh’s pickup while Josh + Desiree flirted near the country silos. As far as Juno is concerned, not so much. She wanted to steal the show from the get go!

Lifestyle Southern Engagement SessionRomantic Engagement PortraitKissing by the Country SiloThat smile.  You know, the one you can’t hide when you know you have found your other half.

Barn Engagement PhotosAfter driving through the countryside, we ended their shoot with some romantic sunset photos.
Can you believe this gorgeous location is going to be the backdrop for their September wedding?  AHHHHHH!!!!  We are so excited!

Sunset Engagement Photos

Engagement Photos in a CanoeEngagement Photos in a CanoeEngagement Photos in a CanoeHot, summer days call for cool dips in the water.  Except there is nothing cooling these two off!  As Desiree’s best man friend said, “This is like the Notebook, Titanic, P.S. I Love You, and the Vow all filmed in one lake!” I think what he’s trying to say is your love is steamy and makes us all reminisce on those hot summer nights when our love first began.

Romantic Lifestyle Engagement Photos in LakeRomantic Lifestyle Engagement Photos in Lake

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