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This week we wanted to do something a bit different for our blog. One of our favorite parts of being photographers is getting to connect with our clients and their families. We learn something new from each bride and groom that we work with and for that we are eternally grateful! So, we thought we would return the favor by letting you get to know a little bit about the girls behind the cameras. Don’t miss the links to our personal Instagram pages to get in on more of the family fun!


Mom. Photographer. Wife. Friend. 

My biggest heart’s desire is to have a marriage and home that is a safe place for my husband, Chris, and fills his heart to the brim. We both want a marriage worth fighting for, but loving enough that there aren’t too many fights! We wind up on the crazy train with the best of them, but we try hard to get off as soon as we see ourselves on it.

In a close second are my darling girls. Chloe is smart and strong willed, Lennon Kate is joyful and darling. I want them both to always know how much they are cherished.  I am passionate about having children who are kind and gracious and know the value of hard work, so me and daddy are already putting them to work at home and volunteering where they can.

Some people can take or leave friendships. That’s not me at all! I think finding good friends, the kind who show up on your doorstep without even asking when they know you’ve had a hard day, is so hard. I’m blessed to have a few of those and they mean as much to me as my family does!

As a photographer, I want to create a legacy of photos for our clients that they pass down to their kids and grandkids. So many of our clients have turned into lifelong friends of mine and for that I’m grateful!

When I’m not working you can find me decorating my new house, adventuring somewhere new with my hubs, planning a just because party with friends, or at the gym running off all the biscuits I’ve been eating. I want to live life to the absolute fullest. Finding a happy balance isn’t always easy, but I’m getting much better at it! I’m currently reading through Present over Perfect by Shauna Niequist again to remind myself how to just be present in life and work.

Take a peak at day to day life with me and my tribe here.


My whole world! My husband Chris and our two girls Chloe and Lennon Kate.

At home with Atlanta's best wedding photographers Leigh and BeccaChloe on her big girl bike!

At home with Atlanta's best wedding photographers Leigh and BeccaLennon Kate being her usual sweet self scooting around with her big sister.

At home with Leigh of Atlanta's best wedding photographers Leigh and BeccaFamily fun in the sun!

Adventurous photographer of Leigh and BeccaTravels and adventure are what we do best!

Kids on the Fourth of July by Atlanta Photographers Leigh and BeccaBeing sassy and fabulous on the Fourth of July!

real life with kiddos by Atlanta Photographers Leigh and BeccaTime slow down….

Washington DC with Leigh of Leigh and Becca PhotographyMy best friend and hubby on one of our many adventures!

travel photographers Leigh and Becca Wedding Photographers based in AtlantaSpontaneous girl cruise with one of my favorite people in the world!





Life is beautiful.  Man.  I’m just so thankful.
Meet my family. First came Phil.  I know for a fact God brought us together because I didn’t think a serious relationship was ever in the cards for us.  There are a lot funny stories that connect the dots of our romance, but definitely not enough blog space for that on this post. 😉 He was my friend first, and now my best friend for life. He is from the other side of the country {Buffalo, NY} and gave up everything to start a new, much warmer and sunnier life with me here in good ‘ole Georgia. Our two kids are, by default, our favorite little people in the world.  Our Layla Rose is our dream come true. Will is our adorable bonus child.  With two little ones 13 months apart, it’s not the easiest thing balancing everything life throws at us, but together we have formed a family that I am proud to claim.  Seeing Brides and Grooms with their parents week after week gives me the biggest hope that these little friendships that we have started with our kids will never ever stop growing.
You can follow our family adventures on my Instagram here

.Photographer Portraits Becca of Leigh and Becca PhotographyAnniversary session portraits--Becca of Leigh and Becca Photography based in Atlanta GAThis year we celebrated 8 years of marriage!!!  We were just babies when we tied the knot {21} and have been growing closer {and older} ever since!

Caribbean Destination Wedding Photographers Leigh and BeccaEnjoying vacation, just the two of us!

Becca's kiddos of Leigh and Becca Photography
Sweetest kiddos. It’s been a wild ride having them so close together, but we wouldn’t change a second of it!

Becca's baby--mom photographers Leigh and Becca Becca's oldest daughter LayaMy daughter and I share a love of Disney princesses and dress-up.  Maybe one day we can have someone teach her some dance skills, because we all know she won’t be getting that from her mamma. . . 😉

Happy girls--Becca's daughter of Leigh and Becca Mommy and Daughter Portraits--Leigh and Beccareal life photos of Leigh and BeccaLife at 2 + 3 is a rollercoaster of emotions.  Here is a photo I like to call “Freedom of expression”

baby boy kisses for BeccaPretty sure it took me a little bit to figure it out, but we one the lottery with this one coming into our lives.

Living out Disney in our house- Leigh and BeccaSo much love in our little family. I’m thankful every day for each one of them!



Having a visual reminder of a special moment is something that helps us get through the not so special days. Our homes are full of photos of our families on vacations and celebrating the sweeter parts of life. Being able to give people that gift is what inspires us to always create our best work.
Thanks for tuning in! We’re glad we were able to let you behind the scenes of our lives. We’re big fans of sharing big moments with each other, so please let us know if there is a special moment coming up in your life that you would like to document. We’d love to be there!
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