Stories. They’re what we pass down through generations, reminders of days past. They evoke emotion in the retelling. Sometimes they get embellished, sometimes they get edited. But when you find a good one, a really good story, it can change your life.

David and Valerie, as you may have guessed, have a really good story. It starts in a small beach bar, takes them on adventures across the pond, and lands them in Augusta, Georgia. It’s there where David and Valerie would stand in front of their friends and family, look deeply into each others eyes and commit to a lifetime of adventures together.

As fate would have it they both wound up at Camp Lejeune (David serving in the military and Valerie as a civilian) in North Carolina. It was at a small beach bar, not too far from base that they met and struck up conversation. That conversation led to the beach, then to dinner, and then to David asking Valerie if he could come visit her in Pittsburgh when she returned home. She agreed. During their long distance relationship, they began writing letters to each other (we told you it was a good story). So when David proposed to Valerie, he wrote her the most important letter he would ever write, got down on one knee and asked her to be his wife. In her home town, with letter in hand, Valerie said, “Yes!” to the love of her life.

Now is the part of their story that we love. Frankly, because we got to be a part of it. Their wedding day. Valerie and David chose to wed at the Old Medical College in Augusta. We were a bit nervous, the weather called for ice. But we packed up and drove to Augusta the night before. We were not going to miss this one, no matter what the weatherman predicted! The next day, without a snowflake on the ground, we began to capture a very important part of David and Valerie’s story. Their sweet, authentic, beautiful story that will continue to grow for the rest of their lives.


Valerie carried her Grandmother Elsie’s wedding handkerchief from 1943. The diamonds in her wedding band were handcrafted from her grandmother’s wedding band. top-atlanta-wedding-photographers_leigh-and-becca_david-and-valerie_oldmedicalcollege_0050hogansneakpeek-11

Valerie’s friend did her hair and makeup, she surprised her with a bracelet from Kate Spade. We think she liked it just a bit.hogansneakpeek-10hogansneakpeek-12

Valerie’s beautiful mother helping her with the finishing touches of her look before she sees

This coat. We will never get over this coat. It was loaned to her from a sweet friend in Augusta. There may not have been any snow that day, but it was still worth wearing that coat!top-atlanta-wedding-photographers_leigh-and-becca_david-and-valerie_oldmedicalcollege_0052hogansneakpeek-23

After their first look, you could see David and Valerie’s nerves subside.hogansneakpeek-43top-atlanta-wedding-photographers_leigh-and-becca_david-and-valerie_oldmedicalcollege_0055top-atlanta-wedding-photographers_leigh-and-becca_david-and-valerie_oldmedicalcollege_0053hogansneakpeek-35

The beautiful magnolia details were created by their wedding coordinator Shayne. They fit in perfectly with the historic charm of the Old Medical

Those last few seconds before a bride walks into the ceremony with her dad are some of our favorites! It’s the moment where you can visually see her take a deep breath and realize that THIS is the moment she’s waited for her whole life. hogansneakpeek-47top-atlanta-wedding-photographers_leigh-and-becca_david-and-valerie_oldmedicalcollege_0059top-atlanta-wedding-photographers_leigh-and-becca_david-and-valerie_oldmedicalcollege_0060

A quick moment together after “I, do.” hogansneakpeek-56top-atlanta-wedding-photographers_leigh-and-becca_david-and-valerie_oldmedicalcollege_0058

David was so sweetly in love with his bride on their day. The shoulder kisses, the hand holding, it was so apparent how in love he was with Valerie. hogansneakpeek-44top-atlanta-wedding-photographers_leigh-and-becca_david-and-valerie_oldmedicalcollege_0057top-atlanta-wedding-photographers_leigh-and-becca_david-and-valerie_oldmedicalcollege_0063hogansneakpeek-76hogansneakpeek-80The cookie table is a Pittsburg wedding tradition that Valerie brought down to Georgia to honor her family roots. We are a big fan of sentimental details + family (and of course cookies) so we loved the addition!

top-atlanta-wedding-photographers_leigh-and-becca_david-and-valerie_oldmedicalcollege_0062 hogansneakpeek-66hogansneakpeek-72

David and Valerie chose to have a family style dinner at their reception. It was perfect for their guests to join in celebration.hogansneakpeek-74hogansneakpeek-58top-atlanta-wedding-photographers_leigh-and-becca_david-and-valerie_oldmedicalcollege_0061

A behind the scenes look at  David and Valerie while the listen to their Maid of honor and Best man give their speeches. hogansneakpeek-63hogansneakpeek-81hogansneakpeek-84

And then there was dancing. So much dancing! We were very impressed by the moves to say the least. top-atlanta-wedding-photographers_leigh-and-becca_david-and-valerie_oldmedicalcollege_0065top-atlanta-wedding-photographers_leigh-and-becca_david-and-valerie_oldmedicalcollege_0066top-atlanta-wedding-photographers_leigh-and-becca_david-and-valerie_oldmedicalcollege_0064 hogansneakpeek-92hogansneakpeek-93top-atlanta-wedding-photographers_leigh-and-becca_david-and-valerie_oldmedicalcollege_0067hogansneakpeek-96And there you have it. A little bit of David and Valerie’s story. We wish them an abundance of love and adventures and will be forever grateful that we were able to be part of it all.


Bakery-A Piece of Cake 
Caterer-WifeSaver and Sconyer’s BBQ
Ceremony Location-Old Medical College of Georgia
DJ-DJ Josh Whitlock
Dress Designer-Mikaella Bridal
Bridal Boutique-Bridal Beginning
Equipment Rentals- Ranco
Event Planner-Shayne Souleret
Signage and magnolia décor-Shayne Souleret
Floral Designer-Charleston Street


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