February is known for being the month of love. As wedding photographers, it’s kind of our bread and butter. So to celebrate, we decided to kick off this month with a wedding that took us on an adventure we will never forget!

We were so grateful that Jesse and Serena picked us to capture their intimate wedding day in Colorado. Not only were we excited to travel to such a beautiful part of the country, but working with Jesse and Serena was incredible. The love and kindness that we were shown by Jesse and Serena’s friends and family made a lasting impact on our hearts and their connection with each other made our hearts flutter with happiness!

Jesse and Serena met in Colorado when they started working together. When Serena moved to New York to pursue a new career opportunity they remained friends, but fate had big plans for these two. In true Colorado fashion, their romance began on a ski trip and brought them to the Jewel of Ruby Ranch, where surrounded by beauty, they solidified their love in front of friends and family.

One of the things we really loved about Jesse and Serena were the bonds that they held with those they loved dearly. Whether it was Serena’s mom helping her get ready, or siblings preparing the food everyone would enjoy, it was so apparent that Jesse and Serena were loved and supported beyond measure that day. A love like that is certainly worth celebrating in such a magical place.

2017-02-02_00012017-02-02_0002People come from all over the world to see this part of the country. It was easy to see why Jesse and Serena picked Jewel of Ruby Ranch to say, “I do!”

2017-02-02_00032017-02-02_00042017-02-02_00052017-02-02_00062017-02-02_0008The closeness between mother and daughter was easy to see and incredible to experience.

2017-02-02_00102017-02-02_00072017-02-02_00322017-02-02_00112017-02-02_00122017-02-02_00452017-02-02_00222017-02-02_00142017-02-02_00132017-02-02_00152017-02-02_0016Jesse and Serena’s first look was magical. They were so sweetly in love and excited about their marriage.

2017-02-02_0017Even with the mountains and beauty surrounding these two, Serena was clearly the most beautiful thing that Jesse saw that day.

2017-02-02_00202017-02-02_00182017-02-02_00212017-02-02_0019After the couple spent a few moments to themselves, it was time to start the ceremony.

2017-02-02_00462017-02-02_0039Jesse and Serena were so excited to be married! It made our hearts swell with love!

2017-02-02_00242017-02-02_0030The simple, rustic details were so sweet and thoughtful.

2017-02-02_00372017-02-02_00382017-02-02_00442017-02-02_00432017-02-02_00232017-02-02_00312017-02-02_0042Being Southern girls we thought we had cornered the market on good food. But Jesse and Serena’s family style meal really made us second guess ourselves!

Moments stolen away by the couple by Lake Dillion were a dream come true for us. But even as we looked around at the majesty surrounding us, we knew the most beautiful thing about that place was the love between Jesse and Serena.

2017-02-02_00332017-02-02_00352017-02-02_00342017-02-02_00362017-02-02_00252017-02-02_0040With a love like theirs, it doesn’t take much to capture perfect moments. We’re certain that they’ll be making perfect memories together for years to come.


Bakery and Catering- WholeFoods Market

Ceremony Location- Jewel of Ruby Ranch

Dress Store (Bridal Boutique)-David’s Bridal

Equipment Rentals- Tents and Events

Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist- Southern Exposure Weddings

Jewelry- Yacovetta Jewelers


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