In 2009,

in the dead heat of summer, Leigh attended a wedding as the date of a very handsome groomsmen. Leigh caught the bouquet and Becca caught her on camera. Unbeknownst to them both, this would be the beginning of their story.

In 2011,

Becca photographed 32 amazing weddings, full of adventure and romance. One of those weddings was the “crazy bouquet girl–turned photographer” from 2009 and her handsome groomsmen turned husband.

In 2013,

after 2 years of friendship, road trips, and second shooting together, Leigh + Becca came to be.


Hey y’all! I’m the southern belle of the duo that is L+B. I currently reside in Atlanta, but I call Savannah home. In my perfect pinterest world I live in a modern farmhouse, cook yummy meals for my husband, keep a tidy and well decorated home that Joanna Gaines would be proud of, and my well mannered kiddos will one day become leaders of their industry. But in my real world, we eat pizza more often than not, my house is never clean, and I’m doing good to keep my children alive. Guess what? I’m okay with that. Actually I’m more than okay with that. I value relationships over a perfectly clean kitchen. And at the end of my life, I want to be known for loving people more than anything else.❤️


Hey there! My name is Becca — or as a recent MOB named me, espresso. My husband will be the first to tell you that I am not full throttle every second of every day {thank goodness}, but weddings do something crazy to me. They somehow seem to pull every bit of positive energy right out of me and I burst with excitement. Ahhhhh. I freaking love it. Being around people and love energizes me. My favorite things to photograph on a wedding day are laughter and those intensely beautiful moments between a bride and her groom where they are so in love with each other, it’s as if the world has melted away leaving only them standing. If I could change one thing about myself, it would be that I wish I could dance better! I am slowly learning to embrace my amateur dance moves and to just let loose and have fun when a bride pulls me out onto the dance floor 🙂 . Guilty pleasures? Who doesn’t have a few? Mine include Monday night episodes of the Bachelor, Menchie’s vanilla bean yogurt with Reese’s + Duncan Creek muscadine wine from Chateau Élan. I have two toddlers who own a pretty big share of my heart. They are the reason I work so hard — to give them a beautiful life and help them learn to never give up on their dreams.

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