Tis’ the season for sweaters, pumpkin patches and pretty much everything else pumpkin flavored. And while we bust out our coziest fall socks and sip coffee as the cookies finish baking, some of you might be thinking about what nail color would go best with the RING your expecting from your love.

Good news! We love engagements just as much as we love weddings and we’re here to help you (and him) with tips to experience the perfect proposal. So grab another cup of joe and those snickerdoodles from the oven, and read up on some helpful ways to have the engagement of your dreams.

Hello, Gents!

You’ve met the girl. You’ve fallen in love, and now you’re ready to take the big leap into marriage. While this can be exciting, it can also be a bit stressful. No worries! We’ve got your back.

First things first, find the ring.

-Nervous about finding the perfect one? Ask her what she likes! We’re 100% positive that she’s done her research and knows what styles she prefers. This will take a lot of guess work out of choosing one that you both love!

-Want it to be a huge surprise? No problem. Get in touch with her best friends, mom, or sister to see if she has talked to them about styles she loves. You can even ask one of her best ladies to come with you while you shop for advice and support.

-Feeling like James Bond and want to be completely under the radar? See if she has a Pinterest board of rings and other wedding things that she loves. This will give you a clear visual that you can take with you to the jewelry store and even use as reference when working with the jeweler.

This must be the place….

As photographers, we understand the value of a good backdrop for your proposal. Whether it be visually beautiful or meaningful to you both, make sure that the “where” is just as special as the ring.

When thinking about the perfect place to pop the question, It’s important to consider whether your fiancé would want this moment to be public or private. Know a crowd would overwhelm her? Pick a quiet place that means a lot to the both of you. Would your lady want all of her friends and family to be part of this moment? Make sure you pick a place that will accommodate a party!

-Ask her friends to set up a manicure for her. She’ll want to make sure her nails look fresh since she’ll be showing off her new bling!

-Know your girl will want to look stylish for this moment? Find a way to get her to dress up a bit by mentioning a fancy dinner later or a party that you will be attending. We promise she will appreciate being dolled up for this and not in yoga pants.

-Feeling a little overwhelmed yet? You can always hire a stylist or event planner to help you pull everything together. This will allow you to relax and enjoy this moment with your love, knowing that a professional has taken care of all the special details.

-And of course, hire a photographer to capture it all! This is such a precious moment for you both and she will likely be in shock for a bit after it happens! Having photos to look back on will allow her to experience all the special details that you put into the proposal. You can find a couple of our favorite proposals from Savannah and our hometown here.


After you pop the question, pop the bubbly and take a ring selfie! Make sure you have something set up where you can celebrate this huge life event. Whether it’s a nice dinner for just the two of you, or a party with all your friends and family, you’re going to want to cap off a special day with a celebration!

This one’s for the girls!

Alright, ladies. You’ve found the perfect guy. You are head over heels. You’ve been waiting for this moment. You’ve actually got it kind of easy…

-Drop hints

-Drop hints

-Drop hints

Make sure you give your guy the support he needs to plan this special moment for you. If you feel like he wants it to be a huge surprise, talk to your best girls about what you want so they can help out your fella. Make sure to give him the space he needs to plan something absolutely perfect for you both.


Whether it’s a quiet night alone on the couch, or at your favorite spot in a city you love, your proposal will be so special. We hope our tips helped make it even more magical. And of course, we hope we can be there to capture the moment!




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